Parents are being reassured in sending their children back to school, after the Department of Education implemented a series of measures with pupil’s wellbeing as the number one priority.

There are mums and dads who are anxious or reluctant to send their children back for the final weeks of term, despite the obvious educational benefits.

In addition to catching up on classes, parents should not underestimate the boost being among other kids has on their children’s mental and physical wellbeing, as well as their social and emotional development.

With some children not attending school since mid-March and others receiving very little education at home, there is concern over their progress, not just in making sure they are up to date in their studies – especially those with key exams – but also in their personal development.

There is an even bigger worry that those from poor or deprived backgrounds could see a serious and permanent impact on their future prospects as a result of this hiatus.

Parents might be diffident about letting their children resume school this side of the summer holidays, but there are plenty of reasons why their minds can be at ease, not least with the social distancing and wider safety measures introduced as schools have resumed normal activities with a phased and managed approach.