An official report, just published, reveals that while some political parties on Lewes District Council are busy drafting strategic documents on sustainability, it is the Conservatives who inspire decisive action on green issues in an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle.

When Councillor Liz Boorman (Conservative, Seaford West) first proposed a scheme to increase the number of recycling bins at blocks of flats across the Lewes district, she was disappointed that her scheme was diluted by the ruling coalition parties. But such has been the success of a review of recycling provision at all the council-owned blocks across the district, a second phase is about to begin to encompass privately-owned flats where extra recycling bins will be provided as needed.

“Firstly we ensured that mixed, or co-mingled recycling, could be accepted from flat dwellers who previously could recycle only paper and cardboard”, explains Cllr Liz Boorman. “Then we persuaded the ruling anti-Conservative coalition to increase the scale of recycling at blocks of flats. Initially I wanted this to be at all flats, but I was over-ruled and the review applied only to those owned by the council to begin with. I am delighted though that through the successful examination of council owned flats, the second phase can begin to help residents right across the Lewes district.”

The examination of recycling provision at council-owned properties was revealing, showing that 57 blocks warranted an increase in recycling provision, to the extent that an extra 37,630 litres worth of recycling capacity has been introduced. “This is really fantastic”, adds Cllr Boorman, “and just shows that actions do indeed speak louder than words.”

In Lewes town, 30 blocks saw extra recycling bins, with ten blocks in Seaford, nine in Peacehaven and seven in Newhaven all now having increased recycling provision. In the case of ten blocks, it was possible to reduce the number of refuse bins as well. 

“We all know that when re-cycling bins are full, the temptation is to put what could be recycled into the refuse and miss a vital opportunity to help save the planet”, said Cllr Boorman.

The second phase of the review, covering privately-owned flats, will begin later this summer and be completed before March.