Further £105 million to keep rough sleepers off the streets for good

Maria Caulfield MP has welcomed £105 million of additional government funding to keep rough sleepers off the streets for good.

In March, government asked local authorities to bring ‘Everyone In’ and the response was outstanding. As a result, there are nearly 15,000 people accommodated in emergency accommodation, including those who have come directly from the streets, people previously housed in shared night shelters and people who have become vulnerable to homelessness and rough sleeping during the pandemic.

This funding is additional to that which Secretary of State and Dame Louise Casey announced on 24 May, which will provide 3,300 long-term, safe homes for vulnerable rough sleepers this year. The government is committed to fulfilling the Conservative manifesto pledge to end rough sleeping.

Maria Caulfield MP said “I really welcome this additional £105 million to help eradicate rough sleeping. We have a unique opportunity to do so with 15,000 people taken off of the streets during the coronavirus pandemic and we must seize this chance to keep people off of the streets. This will give them a much greater chance to rebuild their lives.”