·       79% of us say laughter has helped us get through lockdown while 25% say we value it more than ever before

·       Laughter and indulging in our favourite food (23%) makes us feel better than exercising (19%)

·       56% say laughing has helped us de-stress at this time, with 48% agreeing it’s made us feel mentally healthier

Laughter is often referred to as the best medicine, and the past few months have done nothing but reinforce that idea. Indeed, 79% of us cite it as the main thing that has helped us get through lockdown, according to new research from The Laughing Cow.

As we emerge from the pandemic, more than half of us (54%) admit we’ve been making more of an effort to laugh, recognising the benefits it holds for our mental health (48%), physical wellbeing (20%), stress relief (56%), and for bringing friends and family closer (41%).

During the toughest of times, sharing a laugh with loved ones can be one of the best coping mechanisms. In fact, 6 in 10 believe that having a giggle is important to deal with life’s stresses and strains (58%), gives relief in tough situations (48%) and acts as a form of escapism (33%).

It comes as no surprise then, considering these difficult past few months, that more than a quarter of us (25%) now value laughter more than ever before – ranking it the same as indulging in our favourite foods (23%) and higher than exercise (19%), in terms of what makes us feel good.

Looking ahead to when life returns to normal, 27% of us will continue to make more of an effort to laugh on a daily basis, and more than a fifth of us (22%) are going to make sure that members of our household and family also laugh more.