Seaford to Brighton trains

Following more concerns regarding the trains running on this line and especially lack of toilet facilities, we have received a statement from GTR the parent Company.

“The class 313s are our older trains that run to and from Seaford and weren’t built with toilets.  The train interiors have however been refreshed since we introduced them improving and modernising the look and feel inside. 

Some of our newer class 377 trains also go there.( These do have toilets )
The expectation is that they will be in service on the coastway at least
until the end of our franchise (currently set at September 2021). 

The picture of Seaford Station at the turn of the the last century is courtesy of Seaford Museum.

We aren’t really in a position to say what will happen after that as it will be up to the DfT and bidders for the franchise to propose and then agree a plan for rolling stock. 

In general, older trains tend to be phased out progressively, indeed our older class 313s on the Great Northern route were replaced with new trains over the last year.”