Brighton and Hove Buses – Safety Update

Please see this Safety Update from our Local Bus Company:-
” If you have just resumed travelling with us again then we’d like to welcome you back on board.

If you are new to travelling with us again or have been travelling with us throughout this difficult time we wanted to let you know the latest safety information for travelling on our buses.

You can find full and detailed information on all our guidance here or watch our short film.Keeping our buses cleanEvery bus is subjected to a rigorous clean through every night. Our cleaners have been using the highest quality cleaning products – as used in NHS hospitals – to minimise viral and bacterial risks.

Every day, we have cleaners out on the street at key locations, jumping on our buses to give them an additional wipe down on the touch points, such as stop buttons and hand rails. They use the same high standard cleaning product as the overnight clean – this occurs three or four times a day. The cloths that the on street cleaners use are pre-soaked in the anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaning product before each wipe down so you are unlikely to see spray being used.

Our drivers also carry cleaning products and very often clean their own surface and touch points outside as well as inside the cab when they take a bus into service.
Face Coverings Team – on buses
You might have seen our Face Coverings Team on our buses lately. They are there to talk with passengers not wearing face coverings and encourage them to wear them. The team carries free issue face masks and exemption Helping Hand cards for those who are legitimately exempt and that choose to use them.

Also, just to note, it is not compulsory for drivers to wear face coverings. We do continue to make face masks available to drivers to be worn in close contact situations such as supporting a wheelchair user. They can wear them on a voluntary basis  whilst in the cab although our drivers are already working behind a screen to protect them and our passengers.

Throughout the pandemic our services have been unfortunately changing fairly frequently as we adapted to the new situation. Unfortunately, this has meant that the information at bus stops has been incorrect, so we would like to apologise for that. We have around 3000 stops on the Brighton & Hove Buses network and with the almost weekly changes at one point it wasn’t practical or possible to replace the information. We believe we’re in a period of a bit more stability now, and we have begun a programme of replacing all bus stop information so that is showing the current timetables, you will notice this replacement over the next month as we work our way around the entire network.hilst in the cab although our drivers are already working behind a screen to protect them and our passengers.

Capacity on our buses
To meet social distancing guidelines our passenger capacity on buses is currently going to be limited to just under 50% of normal seated capacity. As lockdown restrictions continue to ease and more people are travelling we have reviewed our seating guidance so we can safely carry more passengers. We have consulted with government and The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT) that this change in social distancing on board public transport is allowed and is necessary to help get the country moving again.

This Saturday, 18 July, we are making a few adjustments to capacity, mainly to the capacities on our double decker buses. It will clearly state on a notice by the front doors what the capacity is on the bus.

Every seat bay on our vehicles may be used unless closed; like rear facing seats and seats too near to the driver. Households and bubbles can travel together so please respect the driver’s decision to carry more passengers than the capacity notice states at times.

As ever, when the bus is full then the bus will display a ‘Bus Full’ sign and only one person can get on for every one person that gets off so the driver may not be able to let you board the bus, so please be prepared to wait for the next service if necessary.”