Fire engines and firefighters saved in Newhaven and Lewes

It has been announced that planned cuts to fire engines and firefighters in Newhaven and Lewes have been dropped thanks to Maria Caulfield MP speaking up for residents.

The proposals were modified following a campaign by Maria Caulfield MP and neighbouring Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle. The concerned MPs wrote to Fire Authority members demanding they delay the consultation launched during the coronavirus pandemic and put a stop to the cuts that would have seen Lewes and Newhaven each lose 50% of fire engines as well as a number of firefighters.

Maria Caulfield MP wrote to thousands of local residents to inform them of the proposals and ask them to take part in the consultation and fill in a survey.

East Sussex Fire Authority said that they had the highest response rate ever to a consultation, which is in part because of Maria Caulfield MP highlighting the consultation to as many residents as possible.

Maria Caulfield MP said “Following my representations to the Fire Authority and work to bring the consultation to the attention of thousands residents I am delighted that the East Sussex Fire Authority has seen sense and realised that cutting the number of fire engines by half at fire stations in Lewes and Newhaven was not something that I or residents would stand for. It would simply not be safe for anyone and I am grateful to them for listening to our concerns on this.”