Volunteer Car Driver Helps Rescue Kittens

Havens Community Car scheme is a new volunteer driver charity based in Newhaven which helps coastal residents between Saltdean and Seaford with journeys vital to day-to-day living.

The Coronavirus Pandemic halted their planned launch in April this year, but after undertaking health and safety reviews and conforming to all government advice, they have ‘soft launched’ for emergency cases with a revised opening date of September 2020 to the general public.

Re-trained drivers have already assisted elderly residents with journeys to dentist, hospital and doctors’ appointments with most passengers not having left their houses for four months due to shielding.  

One member praised the efforts of her volunteer driver: “I don’t think I would have been able to attend my appointment this week without my Havens Community Car driver” she revealed “my driver stayed with me during my appointment and drove me home afterwards. She was so kind when I was frightened of both the treatment and going out for the first time. I’m a pensioner on a small fixed income and would have struggled with the £38 private journey fare.”  The scheme is free to join with members only paying government approved mileage expenses.

One of this week’s journeys took everyone at the charity by surprise when they were asked to urgently transport a volunteer from a cat shelter to rescue feral kittens who had become trapped in a rural location.  Volunteer Driver and cat lover Paula was delighted to undertake the journey, helping transfer the tiny felines to foster carers who will rehabilitate them for rehoming.

The scheme expects a high volume of new members needing support when they officially launch in September and are still recruiting volunteer drivers who can donate as little as two hours per week to help other people in their communities.
For more details email havenscommcar@gmail.com or call 01273 918226

Pictured: Volunteer Driver Paula and kittens