MINUTES of a Meeting of the Community Services Committee held via Zoom on Thursday 30th July 2020 at 7.00pm.

This is a draft ot the minutes of the Council meeting that contain items of general interest:-

Councillors S Dunn (Chair), L Wallraven (Vice-Chair), M Brown, J Cash, J Edson, M Everden and
J Meek.
Tony Jackson, Project and Facilities Manager
Sharan Brydon, Projects Support Officer (Facilities)
Georgia Raeburn, Executive Support Officer
5 members of the public
CS01/07/20 Apologies for Absence and Declaration of Substitute Members
Apologies for absence were received from Councillors P Boorman, M Hayder and R Hayder (Councillor M Brown substituted for).
CS02/07/20 Disclosure of Interests
No declarations were made of discloseable pecuniary interests or interests other than pecuniary interests as defined under the Seaford Town Council Code of Conduct and the Localism Act 2011, in
relation to matters on the agenda.
CS03/07/20 Public Participation
Resident A Thanked the Projects & Facilities Manager for the update report. Raised some questions surrounding environmental, health and safety aspects, in particular with the increased residents and visitors to the town currently accessing the beach. Updates were requested on:

  1. Lifeguard provision on the beach and the risk posed to families who
    may not be familiar with Seaford beach and its currents;
  2. Action to manage the issue with loose dogs on the beach despite the
    signage in place;
  3. Litter collection;
  4. The feasibility of achieving a 25mph speed limit along the seafront;
  5. Public feedback on concessions;
  6. Boot sales;
  7. The Drive-In Cinema.
    Response Responded on the points raised:
  8. The lifeguards were advised by their governing body not to do patrols,
    as such there will be no patrols this summer;
  9. Dogs loose on the beach is an ongoing issue. Lewes District Council
    is the only authority to be able to enforce fines for breaching the dog
    ban and providing more signage;
  10. The issues with litter have settled down a little. Plastic Free Seaford
    has run a ‘Take Your Litter Home’ poster competition with local
    schools. There were 36 entries and the winning posters are being
  11. A member has contacted East Sussex Highways about this, which has
    responded that it will look at the feasibility of such a speed reduction;
  12. Feedback on the concessions has been very positive and all have good
    COVID measures in place.
  13. The Rotary Club has the necessary measures and risk assessments in
    place and will be holding the first boot sale on Sunday 9th August.
  14. The Drive-In Cinema were seeking a licence to be able to sell alcohol
    at the event but with the Town Council, Police and District Council
    not supporting this, the organisers felt the event was not viable.
    The security of the fencing at Martello Fields was discussed with events.
    Members also discussed looking at creating a volunteer group to provide a voluntary beach warden service just to help ensure the safety of beach users.
    Resident B Fully supported the idea of beach wardens.
    Has received letters from residents about Splash Point and is hoping that the Town Council will be able to make the contribution towards the repair costs.
    Would be delighted to see the water refill stations installed this year and help reduce single use plastic.
    Resident C Explained he was present for agenda item 10 supporting the seafront concession alcohol sales proposal.
    CS04/07/20 Projects & Facilities Manager – Update Report
    The Committee considered report 26/20 updating members of the Community Services Committee on progress and actions relating to Seaford Town Council assets, services and projects.
    The Projects & Facilities Manager updated on some key achievements including the new seafront signage, film and photography shoots taking place in Seaford and virtual events.
    (7.29pm – member of public joined the meeting)
    Members expressed their thanks to the Film & Liaison Officer for all her hard work, questioned beach hut sales, possibility of electric to the ice cream van on the seafront, the visual look of some of the
    unpainted concession huts, the annual hire of some of the Bönningstedt beach huts, the revamped Salts Café and the concession at High & Over.
    The Committee discussed ongoing issues with the seafront (litter, fires, human waste etc) and the possibility of this Committee creating a group/sub-committee specifically with the purpose of looking
    at these issues; it is intended to present a report on this at the next Committee meeting.
    It was RESOLVED to NOTE the contents of the report.
    (7.42pm – member of public left the meeting)
    CS05/07/20 Community Services Finance Report to 30th June 2020
    The Committee considered report 27/20 informing members of the Community Services Committee
    income and expenditure to 30th June 2020.
    It was RESOLVED to NOTE the contents of the report.
    CS06/07/20 Christmas Magic
    To consider report 28/20 presenting different options for Christmas Magic 2020 to support Government’s COVID-19 guidance and restrictions to the Town Council budget.

    (7.46pm – member of public left the meeting)
    The Projects Support Officer talked the Committee through the options available and discussed certain aspects that can still go ahead, such as market stalls, Secret Stones, shop window dressing, a separate
    Christmas lights switch on and Christmas tree blessing, focus on creating a community event with local traders (and external traders not competing with local traders) and the importance of the town
    still holding an event of some description with a concerted effort to have it cost neutral where possible.
    .1 It was RESOLVED to NOTE the contents of the report.
  15. .2 It was PROPOSED to INSTRUCT Council officers to pursue OPTION 2 regarding
  16. Christmas Magic 2020 as presented in the report; this MOTION was CARRIED.
    (8.06pm – Projects Support Officer left the meeting)
    CS07/07/20 Priority of Council Projects
    The Committee considered report 30/20 presenting the review and recommended prioritisation of the Council’s ongoing projects.

    (8.10pm – member of public joined the meeting)
    CS08/07/20 Repairs Works to Splash Point
    The Committee considered report 31/20 informing members of proposals for medium-term repair works to Splash Point and considered the exempt discussion paper. Members discussed the paper, options and available funding in dept
    CS08.1 It was RESOLVED to NOTE the contents of the report.
    CS08.2 It was RESOLVED to RECOMMEND that Full Council allocate up to £10,000 from Earmarked Reserve 361-CIL Receipts to contribute towards repair works at Splash Point.
    CS09/07/20 Installation of Water Refill Stations
    The Committee considered report 33/20 informing members of the proposal for the installation of three water refill stations along Seaford promenade.
    (8.23pm – Cllr Everden lost connection)
    CS09.1 It was RESOLVED to NOTE the contents of the report.
    CS09.2 It was RESOLVED to RECOMMEND that Full Council allocate approximately £3,000 from Earmarked Reserve 361-CIL Receipts towards the installation of three water refill stations along Seaford promenade.
    CS10/07/20 The Selling of Alcohol in Specific Locations
    To consider report 29/20 regarding allowing any of the businesses to apply for a permit to sell alcohol
    (a) on the seafront and (b) at The Salts café and considered the exempt proposal papers. Members discussed the report in great depth in particular the options being presented resulting in possible
    alcohol sales from seafront concessions.

    CS10.2 It was PROPOSED to GRANT PERMISSION for the Salts Café to apply for a permit to sell alcohol from Lewes District Council; this MOTION was CARRIED.
    CS10.3 It was PROPOSED to REFER to Full Council to make the decision on granting permission for concession holders on the seafront to seek permission to sell alcohol from Lewes District Council; this MOTION was CARRIED.