Virtual A27 meeting hosted by Maria Caulfield MP

Maria Caulfield MP has hosted a virtual meeting on the latest news regarding the A27 for constituents living in villages along the route.

The meeting was organised following misleading protests by those opposed to any improvements to the A27 claiming that a new motorway was going to be built through the downs.

During the meeting Maria Caulfield MP was able to update residents on what is actually happening with the A27 before taking questions from local people.

Maria Caulfield MP said “The vast majority of the Lewes constituency want the dangerous A27 between Polegate and Lewes changed into a dual carriageway. It is deeply unhelpful for campaign groups to be actively telling residents that their homes are to be bulldozed for a motorway when no such plans are underway.”

“This is why I wanted to speak directly to local residents along the route of the A27 to reassure them that there are no plans for a new motorway through the countryside and the local villages.”