Covid-19 recovery: Council launches FREE fast-track planning advice for business

Lewes District Council has launched a new fast-track planning advice service for businesses to help them adapt quickly to the many challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Covid-19 crisis has created countless challenges for businesses and the council is helping to address these wherever it can.

This latest council initiative will mean a business that needs to make rapid changes to reflect the new working arrangement as a consequence of Covid-19, can get them in place, subject to an in principle agreement, rather than waiting for planning permission. Examples could include making more use of outdoor space, providing additional temporary structures to enable safe working practices or extending hours of working.

Councillor Emily O’Brien, Cabinet Member for Planning, said: “Businesses are going through the toughest times and the Co-operative Alliance continues to do everything within its power to support local enterprise and achieve a sustainable economic recovery, where the focus is on community wealth building.

“This free fast-track planning advice will accelerate the implementation of temporary changes needed, most obviously the need for social distancing to help businesses get up and running during the Covid-19 recovery period.”

Anyone planning to make changes due to the pandemic that may require permission should contact with “request for free Covid-19 advice” in the subject line. Council officers will review the proposals and will confirm whether they are acceptable in principle. There is no charge for this service.

A full list of the information a business will need to supply is available at