But a new digital hub aims to help small businesses evolve by boosting their online and IT skills

The coronavirus pandemic has not only changed the way we live – it’s also had a huge impact on the way we work. Research from charitable skills initiative, Make It Click, shows 47% claim they’ve suffered a significant loss of earnings as a result of the pandemic, while 18% have realized their old way of doing business does not work and 14% think sadly their business won’t survive unless they move all or parts of it online.

. Yet despite this understanding, 39% admit they still haven’t learnt how to use standard office/admin skills to manage their business. Meanwhile, 49% haven’t created a website and even more (53%) say they haven’t considered setting up an online portfolio to help them market their business more effectively. 

 In fact, 48% would like to know how to set-up a new customer database or spreadsheet for their business, while 51% plan on setting up online accounting systems for their companies. However, 32% admit they would not know where to go to acquire these skills.

Good Things Foundation, alongside Make It Click – a charitable skills initiative – are launching a new free hub called ‘Make It Click small business hub’ to help small business owners and sole traders boost their online skills and drive their businesses forward for the future. The Make It Click small business hub includes a wealth of free online learning resources to help business owners and their employees increase their digital know-how and confidence.

About Make it Click

Make It Click is a collection of free online learning resources for anyone who wants to improve their digital skills. It is part of the Government’s Skills Toolkit and run by the social change charity Good Things Foundation. The Make It Click programme has been funded by Google.org – the philanthropic arm of the tech company.

Make it Click focuses on helping the UK’s 7 million limited digital users – people who are online but have limited digital skills and use the internet in a limited way. This is a group which has lacked support to date, and Make It Click has been developed by listening to what limited users need. People using the services can either learn skills online/at home or visit one of hundreds of Online Centres that support the programme. 

Make It Click’s quality, up-to-date and reliable resources include free courses, tools and templates on a range of topics, from social media to online job searching and email. A range of organisations from large businesses to small community groups are using Make It Click to create a movement that will help limited users thrive in a digital world. 

Further details from:- makeitclick.com