Campaign to save Cuckmere Valley

And here is what Maria Caulfield has to say about the situation of our local beauty spot:-

“The Cuckmere Valley is one of the most beautiful and iconic places in the country, with its winding meanders and glorious countryside. We are blest to live in such a beautiful part of the  world but with that comes responsibility. Over recent year the Environment Agency have developed a policy of non dredging of the river mouth in the belief, that if left, the river would become self clearing. This has worked in other parts of the country but we have seen over subsequent winters that for the Cuckmere, not dredging the river mouth leads to flooding in the winter and drought in the summer as the water cannot flow in and out to sea.

Myself and the Friends of Cuckmere, the local parish council and the local water management water board are lobbying the EA to either start a proper programme of maintenance or hand over the responsibility to local people.

Over the last couple of weeks because the river mouth has not been dredged we have seen water conditions deteriorate in the river leading to dead fish and an effect on local wildlife. The EA have finally agreed to dredge the river for this winter but we will be meeting them as a group to force a long term plan so that we can look after a protect this local treasure.”

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