Maria Caulfield MP restores rail service for Glynde school children

Maria Caulfield MP has helped to restore a suitable rail service for school children using Glynde Railway Station to commute to Lewes.

Following a timetable change the options for pupils were either to arrive in Lewes at 07:32 or 08:32. These changes have meant that trains from Glynde to Lewes are making children either very early or late for school. A number of concerned parent had been in touch with Maria Caulfield MP to raise their concerns.

The local MP raised this issue with GTR, the parent company of Southern Rail, and can now confirm that they have agree to reinstate the service that will arrive at Lewes at 08.03, leaving from Glynde roughly six minutes earlier. This change will appear on shortly.

Maria Caulfield MP said “It is so important that school children have the means to get to school safely from rural areas into our larger towns. It is not possible for them to walk or cycle so a viable train service is the best option to avoid the car and the problems that comes with it. Having a timetable that was either making children really early or late for school wasn’t working and I am pleased that following my intervention that GTR have agreed to reinstate the service arriving from Glynde to Lewes at 08.03. This will give children enough time to get to school without having to wait around for ages until the day begins.”