Council Chair: “Enjoy the last few days of fantastic Artwave”

The Chair of Lewes District Council was wowed by the artwork and creative crafts on display at this year’s Artwave and is looking forward to the final few days of the festival still to come.Accompanied by his wife and two young children, Councillor Adrian Ross met artists and makers in Seaford, Newhaven, Kingston and Lewes, when he visited some of the 85 venues across Lewes district that are hosting Artwave exhibitions.

He said: “My family and I had a really lovely day visiting artists all around the district – in halls, cafes, offices and even barns! We saw a lot of amazing art, with much of it at very reasonable prices. It was a lovely way to introduce our two young children to art without the formality of a traditional art gallery.”

Cllr Ross attended an array of events and exhibitions including the Artwave opening ceremony in Newhaven, he had his portrait drawn and his children enjoyed following the Familiar Faces Around Newhaven trail.

The festival opened on September 6 and runs until this Sunday (September 20).

Cllr Ross said: “Our district is home to so many great artists and makers, and I encourage people to come along and enjoy their creative talents over the last few days of fantastic Artwave.”

Due to Covid-19, no private homes are open this year with artists displaying their work in a variety of indoor and outdoor public spaces.

Measures have been put in place to ensure all visits are safe and people are asked to follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines including wearing a face covering if visiting an indoor exhibition.

As in previous years, visitors can follow trails around Newhaven, Seaford, Lewes or trace a route through rural district villages. There is no need to pre-book.

For full details including a list of all venues, maps and opening times, along with Covid-19 guidance for visitors, please visit

There is no printed guide this year, with all information now online. The teams in the Lewes and Seaford Tourist Information Centres will be able to help anyone who does not have access to the internet.