A very special milestone has been reached. It is fifty years since the death of Jimi Hendrix on September 18th 1970.

Hendrix was a true innovator of music in the heydays of the 60’s. He famously parodied Cream’s ” Sunshine of your love” and even Clapton had to admit that it was a better version.

As someone who was around at the time that Jimi Hendrix arrived into London it was just so exciting and different and I saw him three times in one week – and even then I couldn’t get enough of the thrill.

He became big – huge even, and his performances at Isle of Wight and Woodstock are legendary to this day.

The music was innovative, raw, gutsy and loud and we all love it.

They say he was thinking of changing direction and doing different things with his music but his death deprived us of all that. Who knows what have evolved. Let’s just say we all remember Jimi for what he was.

A small piece of local history still remains, as a long term girlfriend of Hendrix lived in Belgrave Road Seaford until her untimely suicide.

A sad story of premature death but what music. Dust off those albums and play them loud to-day!

Thank you Nigel Chorley for reminding me. I guess we don’t really commemorate death but sometimes we just can’t overlook a special musical milestone.

And don’t forget you can hear Nigel Chorley’s soul show on Seahaven FM – hey Nigel do play Hendrix!