Unanimous vote to oppose academisation of Peacehaven Heights Primary School by Peacehaven Town Council

This week (29/9/2020)  Peacehaven Town Council gave unanimous backing to a motion to support the campaign to prevent the academisation of Peacehaven Heights.

The motion commits the Town Council to writing to the decision makers at East Sussex County Council, namely: Councillor Bob Standley – Lead Member for Education and Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Disability, Councillor Keith Glazier – Leader of the Council and Becky Shaw – Chief Executive of ESCC.

Vicky Hawkins, whose son attends the school, in reaction to the news said: “It is reassuring to finally have elected representatives who are not only listening but actually representing our views, as opposed to the ESCC councillors.”

The letter will state that Peacehaven Town Council does not support the academisation of Peacehaven Heights School and demand the following:

  • That a new substantive head teacher be recruited through interviews at Peacehaven Heights as soon as possible.
  • That a parent’s forum be setup at Peacehaven Heights School.
  • That a normal governing body is immediately re-instituted.

Chris Collier, District Councillor for Peacehaven East Ward, said: “It’s really good news that the Town Councillors have supported this motion, which at its heart is about keeping the school accountable to the local community it serves.

“We’ve all witnessed what happened when decision making is handed over to an IEB, with the destruction of the swimming pool.

“That the Town Council has now stated that it does not support the academisation of Peacehaven Height, should send a very clear signal to the East Sussex County Councillors that their policy of academisation is not welcome here.”