Why now is the perfect time to make your home ‘green’, says TV presenter Craig Phillips

  • 74% of us want greener homes
  • But 51% don’t know where to start when it comes to buying or accessing greener products
  • Comes as the government’s new Green Homes Grant scheme starts in England – offering eligible households up to £5k for eco-friendly home improvements. 27% plan to apply
  • Plus, launch of the first Green Aisle in Homebase stores across Great Britain – to make it easier for consumers to choose energy efficient products

With the home increasingly becoming a multi-purpose environment and with temperatures beginning to drop, it’s an ideal time for DIY’ers all over Great Britain to upgrade their everyday surroundings and prepare for a greener future.

New research reveals that over seven in ten people want to make their homes greener to help the environment, save money and be more energy efficient. Many have already taken significant steps to do this through insulating walls, switching to LED lights or energy saving lightbulbs, and fitting water-saving showerheads.

But many people want to do more with loft insulation (56%), fitting eco-friendly doors (28%), installing solar panels (26%) and setting up smart home heating technology (34%) topping people’s green homes ‘wants’ lists.

However, the research also shows that half of all homeowners fear they can’t afford to make their homes greener, while 51% admit they don’t know where to start when it comes to buying or accessing greener products or appliances.

Now, help is at hand.

Firstly the government’s Green Homes Grant scheme has just launched offering homeowners across England a voucher up to £5,000, or £10,000 if they’re a low income household, to make energy efficient improvements.

On top of this, Homebase is launching Great Britain’s first ever ‘Green Aisle’. Much like the specialist product aisles in supermarkets for ‘free from’ items, ‘The Green Aisle’ will be a first of its kind destination featuring an array of environmentally friendly products and appliances: from water-saving shower heads to energy-efficient light bulbs and rechargeable batteries. The aisle will also include information on how customers can request a smart meter from their energy supplier and how smart meters will help reduce carbon emissions on a national level.

TV presenter and DIY and home improvement expert Craig Phillips knows all about making eco-friendly improvements to create sustainable homes.