Every new parent is filled with a mix of emotions from the moment their child is born – joy, excitement, love and happiness but also worry, anxiety, nervousness and fear.

Some big milestone moments like laughing, rolling over and crawling can happen at all different ages but a recent nationwide parent surveyfound only 4 out of 10 new mums and dads were aware of three key movement milestones their baby should be achieving within their first three months; holding their head up, moving their arms and legs and reaching out for things.

Furthermore, 1 in 6 do not expect a baby to typically be able to make any physical movements within their first three months. 

Think 3 at 3 Months is a new awareness campaign to help parents and caregivers check for possible early signs of neuromuscular disease in babies, launched by Novartis Gene Therapies.

The campaign, developed with the help of a multi-disciplinary group of healthcare experts, provides information on these three key movements, also known as motor developmental milestones, that babies should typically be reaching by the time they are three months for which parents and caregivers can perform simple checks.

Indeed, 40% of the parents surveyed admitted to preferring to adopt a ‘watch and wait’ approach before taking action or raising a concern with their health visitor, GP or practice nurse. But, any delay in diagnosis of a neuromuscular disease could limit the potential success of improving outcomes.