The public’s role in creating a more sustainable, ethical and greener society  

Sir David Attenborough is not only a national treasure, new-found Instagram influencer, and leading environmental activist, but the pioneering force for a greener future.

In fact, he is the public figure almost three quarters (74%) of UK adults believe best represents our green values and ideals, according to new research released ahead of Good Money Week (24th – 30th October).

Following in suit, more than half (51%) believe the government should prioritise low carbon emissions when rebuilding after the coronavirus pandemic, even if it takes a little bit longer to do so. Meanwhile 30% admit they are now more likely to choose products and services based on their positive environmental or social impact.

With a third (33%) saying the pandemic has forced them to take their finances seriously – and 51% having saved money in recent months – almost a quarter (23%) are now looking to invest.

When investing, backing companies whose core values include sustainability, environmentalism, and ethical practice, is key to achieving a green future. However, only 5% would consider investing with a positive impact or ethical investment platform.