Response to latest government funding announcement for councils

Further to the Government offering grants we have a statement from

James MacCleary, Leader of Lewes District Council:

“I’m sure no one will be falling for this, but once again the government have dreamt up a big sounding number that they know goes nowhere near covering the cost of Covid-19 to this or any other council.

“Council staff have gone above and beyond throughout the Covid-19 crisis and this latest derisory handout makes a mockery of the government’s promise to meet the costs incurred by councils.”

Zoe Nicholson, Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for Finance said: “The piece meal approach to supporting councils to deliver essential services is like a slow motion car crash, at the same time, local businesses and residents struggle to pay their bills.

“We remain committed to delivering the best quality service we can for our residents, but unless longer term spending promises are honoured by government, next year looks deeply uncertain.”