Commemorative Wreaths Laid at Seaford War Memorial and Commonwealth War Graves ahead of Remembrance Sunday

The Mayor and Young Mayor of Seaford have laid commemorative wreaths at Seaford War Memorial and the Commonwealth War Graves ahead of Remembrance Sunday.

Due to the regrettable decision of having to cancel any physical Remembrance Sunday Service at the War Memorial on 8th November due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the Town Council represented by The Mayor, Cllr Rodney Reed and the Young Mayor, Chanel Pritchard (both pictured ), have laid a wreath at Seaford War Memorial on behalf of the people of Seaford.

The wreath frame is now available at the War Memorial between now and Sunday 8th November for any business, organisation or individual who wishes to lay a wreath/tribute during this time. It is strongly encouraged that wreaths/tributes are laid before 8th November to prevent any risks of crowding. When laying wreaths all current Covid-19 guidance must be followed.

Quote from The Mayor, Cllr Rodney Reed –

“Laying the Town’s Remembrance wreaths was a particularly poignant experience for the Mayor of Seaford this year. Particularly, because the need to do so while maintaining social distancing was a strong reminder of those who could not be present at the War Memorial.

Each year we solemnly remember our Armed Forces personnel and the civilians who laid down their lives in wartime and in recent years in international peace keeping or humanitarian aid missions. This year we are also conscious of those who would have been standing with us at our War Memorial but for the Covid-19 pandemic invading our world.

The logistical contribution and mobile testing centre support provided by our Armed Forces personnel in the COVID-19 response is also commendable and memorable. As with every Remembrance event Seaford remembers with grateful thanks the sacrifices made for us.”

Following the wreath laying at the War Memorial a wreath was also laid at the Commonwealth War Graves in Seaford Cemetery. There are 275 Commonwealth War graves which include those who were buried during World Wars I and II. The graves include those fallen from the UK but also including some who were far away from home including the West Indies and Canada. The youngest being only 17 years old.

The Deputy Mayor of Seaford, Cllr Jean Cash, who was unfortunately unable to attend the wreath laying, shares this message:

“The Commonwealth War Graves Commission care for the graves of 1,700,000 casualties of World War I and World War II. At this time of the year, all over the world, communities come together to honour and remember those of all colours and creeds who left their homelands to fight for our freedom, and sadly never returned to their homes and families. We will not forget those who gave their lives in the past so that we could have a better future.”

REMINDER – No physical service at Seaford War Memorial on Sunday 8th November:

The key message this year is safety; whilst the country remains in the holds of the virus, the Town Council cannot facilitate an event at which the health and wellbeing of attendees would be at risk. Although the advice is that local authorities can organise events, it also states that all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of Covid-19 must be in place. Unfortunately, due to the location of Seaford War Memorial, its small size, limited access routes and close proximity to multiple busy highways, the requirements in order to hold a safe event just cannot be met.

Despite there being no service at Seaford War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday, the Town Council would like to ensure that members of the public are still encouraged to safely mark their Remembrance in other ways and to join the national campaign to ‘Remember at Home’ National Two-Minutes Silence:

The Town Council is taking part and encourages members of the public to take part in the national two-minutes silence at 11am on Sunday 8th November in the safety of your own homes.

As advised above, it is not advisable for anyone to gather at Seaford War Memorial.