Lewes District Council gives £7,000 boost to Marcus Rashford campaign

Lewes District Council will give £7,000 to selected charities and community organisations in the district that are supporting Marcus Rashford’s campaign for free meals for children during the school holidays.

Councillor Johnny Denis (pictured), Cabinet Member for Communities and Customers, said:

“Many people in the public eye make contributions of some sort or another to good causes and worthwhile campaigns, but rarely though does someone of such a young age like Marcus Rashford immerse themselves in a charitable endeavour. 

“Marcus’s humility, understanding and determination has been inspiring and so I’m delighted that we are making a contribution to the distribution of free meals in the district.

”The groups in the district that are helping to feed local children are wonderful and I thank them all.”

A parliamentary petition created by Marcus Rashford to end child food poverty has now been signed by more than one million people and thousands of food outlets have responded by offering free meals to children during half-term.

Councillor Denis added:

“It is a great sadness that in 2020 some children go to bed hungry and their parents won’t know where the next family meal will come from. 

“Creating a society where food poverty is consigned to history is much easier to agree on than to achieve, but we must never stop trying to do exactly that.”