• Here are some statistics that may shock, especially as we come towards the Festive Season when most of us will succumb to some real over – eating!
  • Snacking or ‘Cupboard Cruising’ is having a detrimental impact on our health at a time when we need to be fighting fit to face the next wave.
  • 70% of dieters have already admitted gaining up to 7lb during the first lockdown
  • Nearly half of half of us (45%) are snacking more now than ever before and 93% of us are raiding the snack cupboard and fridge as much as five times a day.
  • And with each snack clocking up around 350 calories each, our ‘snack time’ is eating up as much as three quarters of our daily recommended calorie intake, leaving just 250 calories for women and 750 calories for men (from their 2,000/2,500 recommended daily allowance) to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner combined.
  • Over a third of us (36%) admit to ‘Snack Soothing’ – indulging in comfort food to lift our spirits.  Other less popular pass times mood enhancers include exercise (10%), phoning a friend (12%), relaxing in a bath (15%) and drinking alcohol (21%).
  • The most common ‘go-to’ treats are crisps (32%) and a chocolate bar or biscuit (25%), with only 15% likely to reach for anything healthy like a piece of fruit. 
  • Another alarming insight is the level of calories consumed after 9pm, with almost half of us (47%) admitting to the late-night munchies. 
  • So do think carefully before reaching for that “just a little snack!”