Spending review a ‘missed opportunity’ says James MacCleary

The government’s Spending Review announced by the Chancellor is a ‘missed opportunity’ says James MacCleary, Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson for Lewes.
The Spending Review announced no extra support for the 3 million people taxpayers who have received no support from the government during Covid-19 or for carers, children living in poverty or those in need of mental health services.
James MacCleary says: “This was a big missed opportunity for the government to step up and address some of the glaring inequalities exposed by Covid-19. There are 3 million UK taxpayers who have received no support whatsoever from the government and businesses who have been completely missed out. 
“The government are pursuing a levelling down agenda with 1 million small businesses estimated to close. Locally, we have more small businesses than most and the government’s lack of support will have a disastrous effect. Especially as there is nothing in the review to help with the impact of Brexit.
“Once again local MP, Maria Caulfield, is failing to support our community. Businesses are being abandoned and she is not speaking out on their behalf instead just towing the government line.
“The government talk about levelling up. It’s time they levelled with the British public – if you’re running a small business, struggling to make ends meet, or if you’re an unpaid carer, we’re not helping you.”
Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey adds:

“With the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the Chancellor needed to ensure today that no one is left behind. That was the litmus test, and he has failed.

“Far from a radically new approach to the recovery that tackles deep-seated inequality and builds a new green economy, we have a Government that is failing to support carers, children living in poverty and everyone in need of mental health services.

“The Chancellor has also made some unforgivable political choices today. He has chosen to continue to ignore people excluded from support and chosen to reject calls to properly extend furlough, leaving too many people facing unemployment. People deserve better.”