Famous Seaford pub re-opens and re-launched!

One of Seaford’s famous public houses has re-opened to-day after the second lockdown BUT completely re-vamped!

The new Landlord, Simon , has worked really hard to bring the pub back to it’s former glory and more, and all he wants now is your custom! The whole place has been given a make over; the venue looks the part and all is ready and waiting for the renaissance that it now deserves.

An award winning Chef is in the kitchen waiting to take the orders and a small meal that meets the Government’s ” substantial meal” requirement starts from around the five pound mark.

Real Ales will be coming as available, so all is looking good for the run up to Christmas.

Simon is now taking bookings for the Restaurant and Bar areas for that Festive meal so give a call 01323 899517 or just call in – but remember Covid rules still apply.

And it’s not just “the Wellie” that needs your support – all the pubs and restaurants in the area are really struggling this year all over the area.

The restrictions that have been placed on them by the Government are doing the hospitality trade no favours, so more important than ever that you support them in any way that you are able – they will thank you!