Planning Application refused for project in Seaford

An application to build a new block of flats on the vacant land junction of Stene Road and St John’s Road in Seaford has been refused at a meeting held by Seaford Town Council.

An excerpt from the minutes state:-

LW/19/0656 – 6 Steyne Road – Redevelopment of the site to provide 13 apartments amended plans (dated 30/10/20 and 20/11/20) showing reduction from 14 to 13 units
It was RESOLVED to OBJECT to this application on the following grounds:
The design and the bulk of the proposed block are completely out of context with its surroundings, and its height and massing would have a seriously adverse impact on the properties immediately opposite the site in Steyne Road and the adjacent Steyne Road Conservation Area.

The proposals are therefore contrary to the Seaford Neighbourhood Plan (Policy SEA3 – Conservation Areas) and Section 3.5 of the Design Guidelines incorporated in the Plan which state in respect of the Seaford Seafront area that:-
New developments, infill and extensions should respect the local landscape character and be designed to blend well with the existing built environment.
New developments should be sympathetic with the existing building style and form and should respect the existing scale, height and material of the surrounding.

Good to note the Council respects the local environment.