New monthly exhibitions by local artists at Lewes House

Visit Lewes, the team behind the Artwave Festival, is collaborating with local painter John Worth to create a new opportunity for artists across Lewes district. 

Artists, like so many others, have faced huge challenges and a loss of income during the pandemic, with galleries and art markets being unable to operate for much of 2020. The Lewes House Artists’ project will provide local artists with a fantastic central exhibition space and an opportunity to sell their work. 

Lewes House, in the heart of Lewes town, will host monthly exhibitions of contemporary art throughout 2021, curated by John, and will showcase the best of local talent and creativity. The work will also be available to view and purchase online at 

The large spacious rooms in historic Lewes House provide a beautiful backdrop to display a diverse range of artworks, and are perfect for keeping a social distance. The space will be a valuable addition to Lewes’s established galleries, and a great attraction to art loving visitors. 

Before being acquired by Lewes District Council, Lewes House was the home of American art collector and classicist Edward Perry Warren and his friend John Marshall, who brought Auguste Rodin’s sculpture The Kiss to Lewes in 1904. 

The Warren Gallery at Lewes House launches on Friday, January 1, with the Marshall Gallery opening later that month.