Green Party Councillor Johnny Denis backs teachers’ urgent call to close schools and move learning online

  • Support comes as Green-led Brighton & Hove City Council advises primary schools to move to remote learning until Monday 18 January
  • Councillor Johnny Denis urges East Sussex County Council to protect our NHS and close primary schools immediately

Councillor Johnny Denis, Green Party Lewes District Councillor, Parliamentary Spokesperson and Cabinet member for Customer and Communities has backed calls from teaching unions to take steps to protect the safety of staff and students by moving primary schools to online learning from Monday in order to reduce the spread of infection of the new coronavirus variant.

The move comes as Green Party-led Brighton & Hove City Council has written to primary schools in the city to advise them to move to remote learning until Monday 18 January.

 Johnny Denis says “It is right that schools should only reopen when it is safe to do so and that cannot be the case with new-variant Covid spreading out of control. We fully support those unions who wish to remind staff of their legal rights not to work in an unsafe environment.

Gavin Williamson needs to change his position on the reopening of primary schools urgently, I have written to the Leader of East Sussex County Council Keith Glazier to urge him to advise primary schools to close and move to online learning, like Brighton and Hove have done”

“If the government had provided disadvantaged students with what they needed in terms of laptops and connectivity earlier in the year, it would have made it much easier for all concerned to carry out learning from home now.

 “With kids of my own at school and college, I know this is an extremely difficult time for parents, teachers and children and young people, and whilst government must listen carefully to the experts and trust teachers when they say it is not safe, we also need our County Council to support parents and teachers”