Local Charity CTLA helping to fight Covid-19

Many older and vulnerable members of our community are currently or will shortly be offered priority vaccination appointments to protect against Covid-19.

However for some getting transport to and from the appointment can be a real barrier, especilally if they do not have access to a car and have difficulty using public transport.

Local charity Community Transport for the Lewes Area (CTLA), based in Newhaven but operating across Eastbourne, Lewes, Newhaven, Peacehaven, Telscombe and Telsombe Cliffs is offering Covid-safe affordable, fully accessible transport to and from local vaccination appointments to help in the fight against Covid.

To find out more call their office on 01273 517332 8.30 am till 4.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays or contact them through the website www.ctla.org.uk