Have you have your jab yet?

Many of the older population and key workers have now had their first Covid innoculation. That now includes your local news compiler who was summoned on Tuesday night at 22.45 to attend an appointment at the Sovereign Centre Eastbourne, at 10.15 the next day Wednesday 3rd February.

So without even thinking, duly went off following the instructions about the free parking and entry to the barn like main hall where a steady stream of people were making their way for registration before being shown to a large waiting area with makeshift booths set up at one end.

After a short wait I was called forward to one of the booths where a very pleasant Doctor greeted me, ran through a few questions and basically told me not to go beserk after having the jab as firstly it did not kick in immediately and even with some anti bodies does not guarantee one to be totally protected.

I did ask her at what stage she tired, but very diplomatically told me she enjoyed what she was doing- and aren’t we grateful?

The jab duly administered, one is shown to a waiting area to wait for ten minutes in case of adverse reactions.

It was all quite a smooth operation even with the number of people in attendance. Hygiene is good with all seats being wiped down after each person has sat on them. Hand sanitiser is available but not encouraged as much as perhaps it should be and I was surprised that temperature checks were not in operation on entry. Still the venue is large and airy so hopefully all is well.

Obviously not everyone can drive to the venue so don’t forget the volunteer and community alternatives available as well as the 99 bus from Eastbourne town centre which stops outside the Sovereign Centre.

We must be grateful for what is happening to fight this evil virus and hopefully the vaccine will help things move on.

I was surprised how soon I was called to be vaccinated as in a slightly “younger” age group, so if they are getting through us that quickly, if you have not been called yet, it probably won’t be long.

Let’s all hope this is the way ahead.