An opportunity has been missed to help the many whose income has been hit by the Covid pandemic, especially those who are only just managing through the crisis.

The claim comes from the largest political party on a Sussex council who had advocated a simple no increase in council tax so that everyone would benefit, especially those who are living just above the threshold to qualify for any relief from the council tax reduction scheme.

Ruling members of the coalition Cabinet at Lewes District Council have decided to increase council tax by the maximum permissible amount from April. It’s a decision expected to now be ratified by the full council later this month.

But the hike in local tax went against a Conservative-backed amendment not to increase the District’s tax in the wake of coronavirus which has seen so many families’ income drop.

“Sadly the Lewes Cabinet decided to help the very few and ignore everyone else”, said Cllr Roy Burman the Conservative spokesman on Finance. ” What we could have achieved here, by not adding anything to the District’s tax levy, would have benefited everyone, right across the patch. Now virtually every resident faces an increase in their council tax demand. “