Councillor supports those left behind by the Chancellor

Lewes District Council Co-operative alliance Councillors Imogen Makepeace ( pictured ) and Rob Banks brought a motion to council last night to support the ExcludedUK’s campaign to call on the government to fix the unfairness for those that have not benefited from any of the covid19 support schemes.

Imogen Makepeace Green Party councillor for Lewes says “There are three million people across the UK who  have missed out on Government financial support schemes set up in the pandemic (‘the Excluded’) due to technicalities such as recently changing job or being a director of a limited company or earning less than half their income through self-employment, the Chancellor refuses even acknowledge there is an issue. I have heard of residents who this has affected and no one should be left behind at this difficult time”

Lib Dem Councillor Rob Banks from Plumpton commented “People feel left behind, suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. They just need to be treated fairly like anyone else. 

We know that the mental health impacts on many of those excluded from support have been stark.  

“The Centre for Mental Health has said that covid-related unemployment has caused an additional almost 30,000 people to request services for depression. Those mental health impacts spread well beyond the 3 million individuals to their families and support networks. Many report having to move back in with elderly parents and rely on their pensions. Marriages and relationships have been strained or ended. Parents of young children talk about the stress it is putting on their children.  

“In terms of the wider economic impact, those businesses and entrepreneurs, who are natural risk-takers, are the wealth creators and the lifeblood of our economy. Retaining their skills and health, and stopping their businesses going to the wall are critical to our post-covid economic recovery. It is incredibly short-sighted to cast them aside in this way.”

Councillor Chris Collier, Leader of the Labour Group says, “”Many of us will currently be experiencing disappointment fatigue, as yet again we highlight another inexcusable failure from this government. However, it’s really positive that we’re managing to provide some level of support for what is a really large group of people.”