Council chair thanks Lewes vaccination team

The Chair of Lewes District Council has praised a local vaccination centre which has been administering up to 500 coronavirus jabs a day, as ‘a hugely impressive operation’ following a recent visit there. 

Councillor Adrian Ross was shown around the Foundry Healthcare Lewes centre – one of three initial GP sites in East Sussex to offer the Covid-19 vaccine.

He said “My thanks to Dr Alice McDonnell and her team for their hard work in running this hugely impressive operation.

“We are fortunate we are to have such an amazing facility and such dedicated staff in Lewes district.”

Dr McDonnell said: “Many of the staff and volunteers here had to be trained up or undergo retraining to carry out these vaccinations, the importance of which cannot be underestimated. 

“I am pleased that we are getting very high rates of uptake from local people with 93% of the most vulnerable groups now vaccinated, and the efficient system in place for contacting those in priority groups is in no small part attributable to this success.” 

Foundry Healthcare Lewes was recently created with the merge of River Lodge Surgery, School Hill Medical Practice, St Andrew’s Surgery and Anchor Field Surgery to become one single, integrated surgery. 

Jane Bloye, of Foundry Healthcare Lewes, said: “The success with which we’ve been able to deliver the vaccination programme to our community has shown how well the Foundry team has come together.

“To assist the vaccination programme, we ask people to please wait to be contacted to receive an appointment, rather than phoning or emailing us, so that patients who are unwell and most need our help with ongoing health concerns are not prevented from getting through. 

“It is also helpful for people to respond quickly when they are offered the vaccine.”