A budget to help residents of Lewes constituency

Maria Caulfield MP has welcomed the Chancellor’s budget, which will help all residents of the Lewes constituency through the rest of the pandemic and beyond.

The budget includes extending support measures implemented during the Coronavirus pandemic to continue helping people and companies as we ease out of restrictions, as well as introducing new measures that will help get the economy going again once the pandemic is over.

The budget will support people through the pandemic:

•             Extending Furlough until September

•             Two further grants for the self-employed – and bringing in those who became self-employed in 19/20

•             Restart grants of up to £18,000 for retail, hospitality and leisure

•             Extending the VAT cut for a further 6 months before tapering for another 6 months

•             Business rates holiday extended for a further 3 months before tapering for another 9 months

•             Extending the £20 uplift in Universal Credit for 6 months

•             Continuing the stamp duty cut for 6 months before tapering for another 3 months

•             A brand new 95% mortgage guarantee for prospective homebuyers

Residents across Lewes will see their personal finances protected by the budget with:

•             No increases to personal income tax, NICs or VAT

•             Freezing alcohol duty

•             Freezing fuel duty

•             Keeping inheritance, capital gains, and pensions lifetime allowances

•             Asking the largest and most profitable companies to pay more in two years’ time by increasing corporation tax to 25%

The IMF, Bank of England and OBR have all confirmed that our plan for the economy is working. As a result of our interventions, unemployment is now expected to peak at far lower levels than expected and our economy is expected to recover faster than previously thought.

Maria Caulfield MP said “I thank the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, for this support to my constituents in Lewes. This budget will ensure that residents of all walks of life are supported through the pandemic and beyond. Whether people are on furlough, self-employed, on UC, looking to move home, or still working and paying tax, the budget is set to support them. This is a budget to help all residents of my Lewes constituency and I welcome these measures.”