All B & H school bus services resume on 8th March

With the confirmation by the Prime Minister of schools and colleges reopening on 8 March from that day all school services will once again begin operating.
Travelling safely to school

Here’s a quick guide to making travel safer on board the buses:

  • Wear a face covering if you are 11 or over, unless exempt
  • Socially distance on board – only sit with your school bubbles or household
  • Board one at a time
  • Remain seated throughout the journey
  • Avoid cash if you can – we’re not providing change. Pay with the key smart card or mobile app. Further details can be found here.

They will continue to run some journeys as ‘schoolchildren only’ as before – details can be found here.

For further information please visit: school travel information web page.

Timetables for the increase to services on 7 March are now available on the website
View timetables here
Concessionary Travel Information
At the beginning of lockdown, the councils extended 24-hour concessionary travel to all pass holders.

From Monday 8 March 2021 standard restrictions will be reinstated, mainly between the hours of 09.30 – 23.00, except for journeys that start in Surrey – where passes can be used at any time until further notice. Please visit the Concessionary Travel information page.