Tackling Litter on Our Roads

Our Local MP Maria Caulfield is as concerned as most of us about litter on the roads. Here is a statement from the MP:-

“I have had many complaints about the amount of litter on our roads in recent weeks so I recently met with Highways England to discuss both the A26 and the A27 and the issue of the litter. This year has been worse than most and I share residents frustration on this but road closures are needed on both of these roads to ensure litter is collected safely. Up until now this has been dependant on Highways England doing road closures for maintenance and Lewes District Council using this as an opportunity to clean the highways.

However there is now more joint working planned between the two authorities and Highways England will be sharing their road closure timetable with the council so the council can start to plan ahead for when litter collections can take place. In the next few days both the A26 and the Southerham roundabout to Falmer will be done.

I am also meeting with the leader of the council to see what additional money is required to help Lewes District Council with this as Highways England are happy to do more closures but this does cost a significant amount to do, with a rough cost of £5K per closures. If funding is an obstacle preventing the routine collection of litter then I can help bid for funding for this.

The frustrating bit is that Highways England and Brighton and Hove Council did their stretch of the A27 recently and collected 3 tonnes of rubbish and it is as bad as ever now so the real long term solution is tackling people throwing it out of the window in the first place. 

Enforcement action is being under taken on both individuals but also vehicles with heavy loads that may be shedding on to the highway and further options such as cameras are being looked at.”

The picture shows the MP with the litter collectors.