Seaford Town Council is excited to announce its 2021 summer season plans

Seaford Town Council has been looking at how the town can benefit as people are expected to flock to the seaside during the summer months.

The Town Council’s 2021 Summer Plan comes following the predictions by many that 2021 will become the year of the ‘staycation’ and that coastal towns in particular should be bracing themselves for a flurry of visitors when the warmer weather returns.

To set the scene a little, the Town Council was clear from the offset when considering this plan that its objective was not to actively increase visitor numbers to the town. As 2020 proved, the town is incredibly popular for a variety of reasons already. Whether it be day trips to the seaside, countryside walks in the South Downs National Park or up Seaford Head and towards Cuckmere Valley and the Seven Sisters, or to enjoy the town’s number of independent retailers and eateries. Seaford has plenty to offer and it would appear that this is not a secret!

The Town Council was therefore more minded to look at how it can take this increased footfall and look to maximise on how the town itself is benefitting from this.

Full details of the 2021 summer plans can be found on the Town Council’s website ( but a sneak peek of some of these are also set out below.

Work is underway to look at how one of the Martello Fields can be used to offer additional parking while providing an opportunity for local charities and groups to marshal this in exchange for donations. The other Martello Field will stay untouched to ensure a safe, grassed area open for all and for event bookings over the summer.

A real focus is being made to improve the diversity of concessions available, not just on the seafront but on other Town Council sites too. Importantly, this is being done while also ensuring this does not create overcrowding or impact existing businesses negatively.

Building on the work of Seaford Community Partnership which identified a need to create additional linkage between the seafront and town centre (The Gateway Project), a review has been undertaken of signage on the seafront, as one of the hotspots for tourism. In addition to improved signage to the town centre, the Town Council is also looking at signage for the sometimes-lesser-known gems like Bishopstone train station and the Claremont Road shop parade.

Plans are being drawn up to look at additional activities The Salts and The Crouch could be offered for, such as climbing walls, inflatables, outdoor theatres, exercise classes, small funfair rides etc.

Seaford Head Golf Course reopened on Monday 29th March much to the relief of players who have been over three months without their sport. The Course is in pristine condition and if 2020 is anything to go by, will see tee times quickly snapped up with a huge number of visiting players in addition to its regulars.

On Thursday 15th April, The View at Seaford Head bar and restaurant venue will be open for outdoor customers. It is hoped that indoor custom can begin from 17th May. Thankfully, with plenty of outside seating and breath-taking sea views, The View is well placed to welcome you back for those drinks or meals that have been so missed during lockdown!

A donations box is located at South Hill Barn car park for users to contribute towards the upkeep of the area and part of this is also assigned to local charities, Cuckmere Haven SOS and Plastic Free Seaford. The Town Council is therefore looking at options for cashless donations, as less people are carrying cash these days, and also other sites that this could be appropriate for.

As well as the projects being implemented straight away, the Town Council is also looking at another project similar to The Shoal for 2022. As a community-centred bench and piece of art for which people could purchase a fish-shaped plaque inscribed with a memorial, celebration or other special message, The Shoal took the town by storm and was hugely popular!

Something which has risen in status over recent years is camping or glamping. Work into options here are in their infant stages but it is something the Town Council will be looking at to see if a site of this nature could be located within the town over the coming years.

This is an insight into not just what Seaford Town Council is going to be doing over the coming months but also the way in which the Town Council is committed to helping develop and nurture its town.

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