Campaign calls for a new approach to road safety

Local campaigners are accusing East Sussex County Council of failing in their approach to speed and road safety.

They argue that a new approach is needed and that  a string of recent petitions on speed limits have been doomed to failure, because they are assessed by the county council under a policy which fails to take into account either the impact on local residents or government guidance on safe speed limits.

Johnny Denis, Green District Councillor and Green Party candidate for  Ringmer and Lewes Bridge, said that  “Residents across East Sussex are fed up with living in fear of speeding vehicles! We want to feel safe in our own communities, whether we are outside our homes, walking and cycling in our neighbourhoods, or crossing the street.”

The picture shows Johnny Dennis and campaigners on speedwatch checks in Malling area of Lewes

Zoe Nicholson, Green district councillor and candidate for Chailey division added “Petition after petition on speed and safety has failed because East Sussex’s current approach simply ignores the wishes of, and impact on, residents. It’s not good enough to have a policy which relies on waiting for people to die before taking action.” 

Gemma Mcfarlane, Green Party campaigner in Seaford said “The county council admits it is inundated with requests to make roads safer but only 1 in 20 will be looked into further! It takes no notice of national safety guidance and refuses to reduce speed limits to anything below the existing average road speed, which is usually the problem in the first place! This simply has to change.”

A petition which demands a new approach and also calls for a default speed limit of 20 mph in residential areas can be signed at