Nursery’s swap scheme to help families affected by Covid

A Seaford Nursery has started a swap and share scheme for its children and their parents to help those affected financially by the Coronavirus pandemic and also increase the sustainability of items that could be re-homed.

Blue Door Nursery, recently shortlisted for UK Nursery of the Year, have teamed up with Newhaven garden centre Paradise Park, who donated a small shed for the donated items to be stored in. The shed has been set up so parents from the nursery can place new and nearly new, unwanted items inside, and others with children attending Blue Door can help themselves to anything that is suitable for their little ones.

As Nursery owner Rebecca Swindells explains “Over the last few months and we are pleased to say that the nursery is thriving after this unsettling and scary time – hopefully we have seen the last of ‘lockdowns’ and we are finally moving forward with positivity!

However, we know that for some people things have been tricky and we have been thinking as a team of what we could do to help our Blue Door families. Additionally, we have had a lot of donations of high-quality clothes and equipment recently as children have grown out of things before they have had a chance to really use them. Putting our thinking caps on we have come up with ‘Blue Door Swap and Share’.

With the very generous support of Paradise Park who have donated a small shed to us we have set up a ‘swap and share’ unit in the front garden”

Darren Clift, Director at Paradise Park, added, “This sort of local community project is the kind of thing we love to support, and we were only too happy to provide a space for the parents associated with Blue Door to share unwanted items with those who may need them. In fact, I have brought half a pack of nappies with me today to pop in the swap and share station!”

Parents have reacted with overwhelming positivity to the idea, and donations have already started to come in after just a few days.