Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Todays tips:

  1. It’s greener to shop local. As well as offering fresher produce grown closer to home, local markets and shops typically use much less plastic packaging than supermarkets. Reducing the amount of stuff you order online also reduces your carbon footprint by cutting road miles and excess packaging, as well as supporting your great local businesses. Find what’s near you on our Shop Local and Eat Local websites.
  2. Avoid single use items – such as plastic cutlery, straws, plates, cups and single use food items like pre-packaged salads, sandwiches, dressing and individual yoghurts. By planning ahead you can easily replace these items  with reusable options while saving money in the process.
  3. Always bring a reusable bag. It’s easy to forget if you’re just popping out please by making this ‘something you never leave home without’ will help make plastic bags a thing of the past.
Plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to break down, so it’s more important than ever that we stop buying plastic water bottles, and bring our reusable versions.
If you’re new to the low waste lifestyle, getting your own water bottle is great place to start. There are lots of places to refill your water bottle, (including a new station on Eastbourne Seafront) just look for the Refill logo or check locations by downloading the Refill app at
Find out more by watching this sort video from the Refill team: 
Refill YouTube video