Lewes District Climate Action Bulletin | May 2021

Welcome to our first bulletin to help you take action on climate change

Each bulletin will focus on a different topic and share information on how to reduce your carbon emissions and help our communities as we aim for net zero by 2030.

We will also share information on projects or initiatives that may be of interest and a look ahead at ‘What’s on’ in the coming month.

Today our first bulletin will help you start reducing your environmental impact by calculating your carbon footprint.

If you want to know more about footprinting and how it can help tackle the climate emergency then join the Climate Action Forum for its next webinar on Tuesday 11 May at 4pm (see below for more details).

What is carbon footprinting?

Search ‘carbon footprint’ online and you will find lots of articles on what it is and how you can calculate and even pay to offset your ’emissions’ but what are these and where do they come from?

In a nutshell carbon dioxide is the main contributor to climate change and we must reduce how much of it we produce. How much you produce depends on your actions and lifestyle choices, such as:

what you buy
how you travel
how well insulated your home is  

You can find more out about the district’s carbon footprint on the Lewes District Council website but remember it doesn’t include what we consume (the things we buy) which will add a lot more to the 458kt we know about now.

Calculate your carbon footprint

There are lots of calculators out there and they will all vary in how they calculate emissions but they will give you a good estimate and will help you see the main sources of emissions from your lifestyle. You can then decide what you want to tackle first. Have a quick look at this one by WWF it will just take a few minutes to complete.

Change one thing now

Wildflowers photoDon’t try and change everything at once, try one new thing and go from there!
Try going vegetarian for one night a week! Find some recipe ideas here or join in with Nat

Can you join in with Walk to School Week 17-21 May if you don’t already walk the kids to school, or when Covid restrictions allow, carshare with a classmate?

Could you pledge to not buy any new clothes unless you really need them? Find out about the carbon footprint of clothing here

Make use of re-use websites like Freegle

Get some garden re-wilding ideas and join the Wildlife Garden Project here. If you are local to Seaford get involved with the Metre Square for Wildlife project run by the Seaford Environmental Alliance here, or set up your own similar project in your community (the Climate Action Forum could help!).

This article by the BBC gives more ideas for small changes that all help. For even more ideas and to share your own, join the next Climate Action Forum meeting Tuesday 11 May! 

The Climate Action Forum – Tuesday 11 May at 4pm

This workshop will take a fresh look at Carbon foot-printing and its potential to ensure individuals, groups and organisations efforts are prioritised and focused on the actions which have the largest impact on climate change.

With lots of new and existing initiatives helping tackle the climate crisis, the workshop is also an opportunity to get up to speed with local projects to get involved with.Sign up to attend the next forum here

UKPN free fuse board upgrades for green tech installs

UKPN logoConsidering installing low carbon tech like electric heating or an electric vehicle charger?

Many homes may need to upgrade their main electrical fuse before installing low carbon technologies like electric heat pumps. UKPN are working with residents in Lewes District to cut the cost of this process by offering free fuse upgrades.

UKPN will make a Covid-safe visit to your home and assess the work required on your property. In many cases they’ll be able to carry out your fuse upgrade there and then.
 Contact UKPN well ahead to arrange your free fuse upgrade that will make your home ready for a new electric vehicle charger or electric heating. Learn more about fuse upgrades here and download the guide. Click here to complete the online form quoting ‘Lewes Fuse Upgrade’ as part of your enquiry.
Please note: some properties will need to upgrade other electrical equipment before UKPN can complete your fuse upgrade.

What’s on in May

National Vegetarian Week 10-16 May It’s time to take the Veggie 123 challenge! Join in with your friends and help the planet. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…..
Veggie logo
Image of online meeting
The Climate Action Forum Online Meeting- Taking a fresh look at carbon footprints
11 May 4pmClick on the link here to sign up  
Walking superpowers image
Walk to school week 17-21 May
Has your school joined the 5 day Walking Superpowers Challenge?Find out more here 
Greenhavens logo

 have a really useful calendar of local events see it on their website here