Supporting customers with visual impairments

We are all operating in a new way to comply with Covid-19 government guidelines but many things like signs, distance markers and one-way systems can be difficult to navigate for visually impaired people.
Signs found in shopsTop tips
Not all customers can see important signs to explain one-way systems, or new ways of doing things due to Covid-19. Please be patient and politely explain the changes
Hand sanitiser stands, signs and new layouts can create obstacles. Please be mindful where these are placed so that visually impaired people don’t trip, fall or bump into them
Some visual impairments will make it difficult for people to know if they are two meters away from another person, or standing in the right place when in a queue. They may be reliant on other people staying two meters away from them or a member of staff telling them that it is OK to move forward in the queue
Customers may need extra help to read things like menus and labels. Please provide as much assistance as you can.
lanyardsSome customers might be wearing a sunflower lanyard to show they have an invisible disability. They may also be using the please give me space lanyard which is for people who might need support to stay socially distanced from others.
However, others may choose not to wear such lanyards. Many disabilities are invisible so please don’t take for granted that the new ways of doing things are obvious and easy to access for all customers.

Let’s work together to make every customer’s experience positive!