With the May Bank Holiday and Summer season just around the corner, thoughts are starting to return to holiday getaways. And with some travel restrictions still in place, more of us are deciding to opt for UK staycations.

And according to new research released today by national animal charity, Blue Cross, more than half of dog owners (51%) are giving their four-legged friend something to drool over by planning to take them on holiday this year.

But with 1 in 4 (25%) having taken on a new dog since the start of the pandemic (23rd March 2020), there’s room for much needed advice for all those first-time pet-friendly holidays planned.

Even for those who had pets long before the pandemic, it seems not all of us and our canine companions are as “holiday ready” as we should be.

More than a quarter (26%) intending to take their dog away with them confess to not having done any prep or planning yet, with 10% saying they don’t tend to look into animal friendly venues before heading off. With not long to go, 18% haven’t even thought about what they will do with their pet over the bank holiday, half term and summer.

Shockingly, 12% of dog owners admit their pet doesn’t usually wear a collar and for those that do, 15% said there is no number on the tag and 10% have the collar with no tag at all. Moreover, if travelling on a hot day by car, more than a quarter (27%) say they leave their dog in the car with windows open when making a quick stop.

2 in 3 people (66%) admit they’re experiencing some feelings of anxiety about taking their dog away on holiday, due to fears of them being stolen, getting lost, or going missing (40%) followed by concerns around them overheating in the sun (32%).

Indeed, half of people (50%) say their dog always comes back to them when called, but 40% admit to having anxieties about not knowing how they will react around new places, people and animals. 

Pets are part of the family and require a lot of attention and looking after, so taking them away with you will require some preparation. Indeed, with 14% of dogs having not been trained and 12% never let off the lead, it’s no surprise there’s some pre-holiday nerves.

But whether it’s making sure your phone number is on your dog’s collar tag, making sure they’ve had all their jabs or simply planning stops during a long car journey, the animal charity experts are available to offer top tips and advice to make sure all members of the family enjoy a stress-free trip.

Whatever the destination, today, Blue Cross pet professionals are on hand to build back confidence and reassure people of the simple things that can help make travel, day trips and overnight stays in new surroundings friendly for all the family.

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