Announcing the appointment of new Seaford Mayor and Deputy Mayor for 2021 – 2022

At the Seaford Town Council Annual General Meeting, Cllr. Rodney Reed and Cllr. Jean Cash were unanimously re-elected to the positions of Mayor and Deputy respectively. They both were nominated unopposed. The Declaration of acceptance was signed and the Serjeant at Mace, Peter White formally made the announcement at the meeting which was held at the Baptist Church auditorium and live streamed onto the Town Council’s YouTube Channel. The recording of the meeting can be viewed here

This was the first of a hybrid face to face Council meeting since lockdown in March 2020. Meetings since then had been held virtually via Zoom, but recent government instruction was that physical meetings had to resume. Due to the limited space in the Council Chamber other venues were sought to enable safe social distancing, and the Baptist Church was able to offer greater space for this. This venue also allowed limited spaces for public attendance that would have otherwise not be possible, and had the equipment to live stream. Participants and members of the public could also access the meeting via Zoom and it was also live streamed to Seaford Town Council’s YouTube Channel helping to reach a wider audience.