Dolly Scrubs Up Very Well

The Chair of Lewes District Council has spoken of being “in awe” at the achievements of a group of volunteer clothes makers who have made and donated thousands of scrubs to hospitals, care homes and surgeries across the UK.

Councillor Adrian Ross visited the Dolly Scrub Hub, the inspired creation of Diana Uprichard (pictured with the councillor), and discovered how her team of seamstresses have used their nifty needlework to stitch together 8,000 scrubs at no cost to the NHS.

Councillor Ross said: “At a time of such great uncertainty and concern, the incredible effort of Dolly Scrub Hub has to be one of the purest examples of collective community spirit benefiting our country.

“I am in awe of the contribution Diana and her 250 volunteers have made and delighted to know that Lewes District Council played a small part in helping to make it happen.”

Diana’s business had to close down during the pandemic but received an emergency grant from the council, allowing her to focus on the lifesaving work making scrubs.

Diana said: “We received £12,000 in donations from the public to pay for all the materials we needed and this generosity certainly inspired all the volunteers to sew with boundless energy and enthusiasm to get the scrubs out the door – it’s been people power at its best.

“There is no doubt too that the sewing and shared sense of purpose has been a real boost to everyone’s mental health, at a time when some people were understandably struggling with anxiety and worry.”

Using her lockdown experiences Diana has now launched a business offering kits for making dresses, bags, jackets and shirts – – all made from fabric that was surplus to requirements for large fashion chains and destined for landfill or incineration.