Exceat Bridge, Eastbourne Road, Exceat

Here is the latest from Seaford Council regarding the application by East Sussex County Council for realignment and replacement of an existing single lane bridge at the A259 over the river Cuckmere, with a new two-way, two lane
bridge with a footpath, including reprofiling of the river and road embankments. Proposed
provision of traffic calming measures between the Seven Sisters Country Park and

Alterations to access and provision of shared surface to east of Cuckmere Inn.
Provision of a habitat creation area to restore agricultural land back into wetland on the
east bank of Cuckmere Valley.

The Committee discussed the provision of a pedestrian crossing, the National Park
encouraging visitors to its sites, Government policy to support sustainable transport and the
lack of cycling infrastructure, the suggestion of a shuttle bus service from Seaford train
station to Seven Sisters Country Park to tackle traffic issues and the limit of parking
available on site and the possibility of a weight restriction on the bridge.

It was RESOLVED to SUPPORT the application, subject to:
 Consideration of the provision of a controlled pedestrian crossing
 Further consideration to separation of cyclists and pedestrians
 Weight restrictions on the bridge so as to prevent use by HGVs and ensure that
HGVs use the designated route to and from Newhaven Port via the A26 and A27.
 Longer term considerations to be given to a shuttle bus service from Seaford Station
to promote the use of rail transport for visitors, relieve the number of cars travelling
to and from the Country Park from Seaford and relieve congestion in Seaford town.
 Welcoming not having bus laybys in order to provide a form of traffic calming and to
ensure the free flow of buses
 Consideration of a 20mph speed limit rather than 30mph, on account of number of
pedestrians and cyclists attracted to area in interests of highway safety