Better broadband for thousands in Lewes constituency as part of £15bn investment

11,410 households and businesses in the Lewes constituency are set to receive better broadband as part of Openreach’s £15bn investment for fibre comes to parts of the constituency.

This new figure is in addition to existing coverage or planned build from other Openreach programmes, Community Fibre Partnerships or funded programmes.

This move means Openreach will now build Full Fibre technology to a total of 25 million premises by an earlier deadline of December 2026, of which at least 6.2 million will be built via their commercially funded programme that focuses on the toughest to reach locations.

This will create a total of 7,000 new jobs across Openreach and their supply chain. This will help accelerate the deployment of world class digital infrastructure across the UK.

Parts of the Lewes constituency set to benefit from this announcement include: Seaford, Bishopstone, Lewes town, Rodmell, Iford, Kingston, and Cooksbridge.

Maria Caulfield MP said “Fast broadband is no longer simply something that is desirable for personal use, but is now essential with many people working more from home and our work and home lives being increasingly dependent on the internet. This investment in our local broadband will make a big difference to those living or working in the areas due for an upgrade.”