72% of public service workers volunteered or raised money – even whilst saving lives

Survey reveals astonishing story of UK’s big-hearted key workers on Public Service Day

  • 72% of public sector workers have done volunteer work outside of their role in the last year to help people or services during the pandemic
  • Nearly a third (32%) of NHS workers surveyed have been looking forward to families and friends being able to visit loved ones in hospital
  • A quarter (25%) of private sector workers surveyed are considering a career in the public sector

Throughout the pandemic the nation’s nurses, teachers, firefighters, carers, and police officers have been keeping services running in an incredibly challenging situation and yet more than a year into the pandemic there seems to be no stopping them.

Workers are happier than last year with 38% polled by public sector membership club Boundless saying they ‘love’ their job, up from 32% in 2020.

The love doesn’t stop there with a whopping 72% of public workers volunteering their time outside of their normal role to help people during the pandemic and on average they will each raise more than £8,000 for charity during their career; with 5.5m people working in public service roles nationwide that is an awful lot of money.

People’s sacrifices haven’t gone unnoticed as the survey shows a quarter of private sector workers (25%) are considering a career in the public sector.

With the easing of restrictions on the horizon more than a quarter of surveyed workers are looking forward to being able to interact and meet with members of the public again and 24% looking forward to celebrating with colleagues. Tellingly, nearly a third (32%) of NHS workers surveyed are most looking forward to ‘families and friends being able to visit loved ones in hospital’.

It’s just one of many reasons that makes Public Service Day on Wednesday 23 June all the more poignant.

Boundless Public Service Day, officially launched by the United Nations in 2003, has been recognised in the UK for the last two years when Boundless began campaigning for it to be celebrated more publicly.