Dog rescued at sea after 100ft drop from cliff edge

Max the ‘miracle’ dog was saved after falling 100ft from the cliff edge and SURVIVED.

Newhaven RNLI were called shortly after Max was being walked by his owner Lydia Rafferty on the cliffs when he ran off the edge, falling into the water.

The Border Collie suffered only a cut to the lip as the volunteers from RNLI lifeboat station in Newhaven were sent to his rescue.

Lydia has praised the team who saved Max,

“There were moments where we couldn’t see him in the water because of the overhang. So once the guys got there, they looked over the cliff and they were keeping an eye on him the whole time, communication was coming back to us.”

“It was amazing. As he got back onto the beach, it was a sigh of relief and he was running around like nothing had happened.”

Once they arrived on the beach the lifeboat crew had to lure Max onto the boat but had some difficulty because the border collie isn’t too keen on men.

Thankfully, a packet of rich tea biscuits were left on board the lifeboat which volunteer James Johnson pulled from his pocket to persuade Max to go with him.

“Max seemed quite nervous when he saw us. Wasn’t sure we’re there in all our protective gear or helmets, our yellows, visors and things, so it would look quite scary to him.

“So I got the rich tea biscuits out and luckily they did the job. It’s not standard piece of equipment we take on the boat. We got loads of equipment for different situations, all eventualities but it turned out it was some biscuits that saved the day.”

Although cliff edge walks are now off the table, Max enjoyed a steak and bone when he returned safely home.

Footage of the rescue can be seen in video below, taken by RNLI Newhaven crew.